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Vanilla, minimal amount for wholesome flavor.

The most common favorite ice-cream flavor worldwide is Vanilla and not chocolate!

Such a robust rich-aromatic taste that’s fresh, and you can feel it in your mouth. Spices have this characteristic as soon as you consume. Your mouth gets a kick of the flavor. If Vanilla is skipped in a recipe, even a person with zero culinary kills could mark its absence.



Sustainability is the best ethic we have adopted since our launch. We do not over-price or charge hefty from buyers. Fairtrade practice is adopted by us and has helped us to be able to associate with the experienced farmer for more than two decades.

We know the importance of pricing in an industry. If a leader is charging enormously for minimal quantity, the market gets disturbed. People start acknowledging the cheaper rates as cheaper quality. We condemn such practices and have managed to make rich, flavourful and organic Vanilla beans within reach of a common person under a nominal price range.

The code of ethic we have adopted are self-developed. We want to offer the highest standard Vanilla Beans at affordable prices to benefit everyone. We pay fair charges to farmers to help them meet their daily needs and improve their standard of living.

Using fair trading principles, we religiously believe you have the unique power to change people's lives. By making simple shopping choices, you can get farmers a better deal. It leads to the direct benefit to societies, the environment and the economy. And that means a better life. Setting our dear farmers free from any boundaries and let them make their own decisions and control their future. One that brings schools to children, medical aid posts communities and helps with everyday basic requirements like clean water. You can support our cause by shopping for vanilla beans in our online store. If you'd like to see how you can use our products, you can look at our blogs having vanilla bean extract recipes and much more.

The skilled and experienced farmers that Orchid-Vanilla support is micro-farmers, based in small villages far from the city.

Regular challenges these farmers face include:

• High transportation cost,
• Lack of sustainable farming education,
• Unable to meet necessities,
• Unknown about self-worth for high-quality vanilla production,
• Little business savvy,
• Fluctuations in global market pricing.

We are helping them to combat all the above challenges. Helping them to build their community and give them equal opportunity to trade globally. We are aware of their concerns and are trying our best to help them live better lives. You can help us just by buying the high-quality Vanilla beans grown by these innocent farmers.



Farmers face many challenges and often don't have the resources or support to tackle these. At Orchid-Vanilla, we have introduced few key benefits to all the farmers working with us.

Benefits to the farmers are:

• We are committed to sharing profits with farmers.
• We provide mobile buying hubs that reduce farmer's transport costs.
• We do training for sustainable agriculture programs that educate and advocate the use of organic matter of composting, non-use of pesticides, and polyculture use.
• We provide small-business training for micro-farmers, as well as community project funding.
• We employ talented farmers who have the vision to change their futures.
• We have skill-training programs, and we ensure everyone gets a chance to participate.

Together we work, celebrate, share our concerns and help each other in the best way. We are one big family that is looking after each other. We hope to work for the long term and deliver the highest standard organic Vanilla beans worldwide.


Our contribution to Society

We encourage people to come forward and help each other to make the world a better place for all. We are actively involved in working towards the betterment of life of our farmers. Some of the recent social causes that hit us hard are:

• Damp condition of village roads.
• Urgent renovation at local school premises.
• Poverty and hunger among locals.

The solutions we came up with were to offer some relief to locals and farmers are:

• We asphalt the village road, and now it looks much better.
• We took responsibility to renovate the school and made hundreds of children smile.
• We distributed packed food items to the community.

It felt good, and we are looking for covering other essential social causes to pay back to our farmers and locals.


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