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Ugandan Grade-A Gourmet Vanilla Beans
For Extract And Baking
5 Count, 15 Count, 25 Count, 50 Count, 100 Count

$12.00 $10.00


GRADE-A PRIME GOURMET UGANDAN VANILLA - The quality for all the Grade A Vanilla Beans are the same (except the measuring unit)! Buy this by pieces. 

From ORCHID-VANILLA PODS, you can buy the highest quality Ugandan Gourmet Vanilla Beans that are organically farmed and sustainably sourced from farmers. We deliver one of excellent quality that reflects through the aromatic flavor of our whole vanilla beans.

The grade A Ugandan Gourmet vanilla beans come with rich and bold flavor with an aroma reminiscent of milk chocolate, raisins, and figs with buttery and warm undertones, Just like the Madagascar Bourbon Grade A Gourmet Vanilla Beans. It makes the vanilla beans worth buying, and we sell the highest standard beans at a fair price. We provide only organically-farmed vanilla beans that are reasonably priced to build a long-term relationship with our customers. To learn more, please visit our Sustainability Page!

With us, you can stick to the best vanilla beans provider. For more than two decades, we have been running this business. Our aim is to meet the demand for high-quality vanilla beans worldwide. To check more About Us, click here!


The most fertile land of Uganda is the birthplace of these flavorful vanilla beans. This place is known as the Pearl of Africa, which makes it ideal for vanilla bean production. The soil texture and climate conditions help the vanilla beans grow in a good range. The amazing taste of growing vanilla has provided the country with a high reputation in the industry. With the Ugandan farmers, we also worked directly in the field to grow quality vanilla beans in their farming techniques and buy those at fair trade charges. For details, you can go to our Know More page!

About Uganda

Uganda is a landlocked country in East Africa and a supreme location for vanilla production. Here, the climate comes with two distinct dry seasons every year. It is the best time for a strong vanilla harvest on their fertile land for fresh vanilla all year long. These Ugandan vanilla beans come with earthy and bold flavor with buttery and rich undertones with the fragrance of milk chocolate, figs, and raisins. And the vanilla beans we offer have an aroma in high proportion. 

 About Vanilla beans

Nothing feels more flavored in the world than vanilla. It’s the best-added flavor for most desserts, like candy, cake, pudding, ice cream, and custard. Vanilla is the perfect flavoring to enhance the kick-off taste of the sauces and beverages. In the world, vanilla is one of the whole spices that requires extensive labour for growing and processing Vanilla Pods. 

The rich aromatic flavor of multi-purpose vanilla beans can add mouthwatering taste to your taste buds and make your recipes more delicious and enjoyable. We are offering here the grown batch of freshly farmed Grade A Ugandan Gourmet Vanilla Beans, just like the Madagascar Grade A Vanilla beans.

  • In the intense process of vanilla beans, we have developed different stages. Our supervisors ensure to keep an eye on the applicability and the entire setting. We consider the farmers a family to us and believe in their upliftment. With us, they fall in love with the complete procedure to grow vanilla beans. All their efforts come with great results in the crop field that grows extremely aromatic and top-quality vanilla beans.

  • The first cultivation of the Ugandan vanilla bean process takes around three years, from when the farmers fertilize the flowers to the time when vanilla beans are ready to harvest. Even the vanilla pods undergo different processing stages of scalding, curing, and drying. Then, we ready those for packaging!

  • We can meet your bulk demand with the assurance of delivering scalable orders within the time you require. These Ugandan vanilla beans are full of flavor for containing higher-than-average vanillin content that has a creamy, chocolaty, and sweet taste. Take a chance and order the high-quality vanilla beans we offer. 


Our highly-skilled workers pick the vanilla beans carefully. Natural sun-drying and curing retain the high vanillin level and original flavor and aroma of the vanilla. 

Specification: Premium Quality Gourmet vanilla

Length (cm): Between 13-21 cm / 5-7 Inches

Vanillin content (%): 1.4 - 2 %

Moisture content (%): 30-35%

Color: Dark brown to black

Quality available: Whole/Unsplit 

Classification: Premium/Gourmet Quality 

Scientific name: Vanilla Planifolia

Packaging: Vacuumed Sealed bag 


  • Culinary creations: Once you get your order for grade A Ugandan Gourmet vanilla beans delivered, they are fully grown to use. We sell only plump and moist vanilla beans that you can use in baking and cooking. Our vanilla caviar is ready to use in instant recipes to enhance and bring rich vanilla flavor to your ice cream, beverages, and dessert. On our recipe blog, you can easily find the ways to use the beans. You can store fresh Ugandan vanilla beans for more than a year and use them anytime as those are readily available at your store. 

  • Industrial purpose: Ugandan vanilla is one of the highest quality beans available. These vanilla beans have a creamy, sweet, and chocolaty flavor with buttery and warm rich undertones that make it highly preferable to prepare rich desserts, vanilla extracts, and chocolate truffles. You can use our specially designed Vanilla Extract Calculator.


  • Storage: Experts recommend submerging beans in 70-90 proof alcohol if you want to keep the beans soft and supple and prevent mold growth for a really long time. Storing beans in the refrigerator or freezer is not a good idea. Rather, you can vacuum seal the beans. Even though it is not a permanent storage method just like alcohol, it will easily extend the shelf life for up to a year. If stored outside of alcohol, vanilla beans can react differently in different environments and temperatures. For more information in this regard, read our blogs. how to store vanilla beans blog

  • Re-use vanilla pods: Storing the empty vanilla pods can be helpful to make vanilla sugar. All you need is to take a jar and two or three crushed vanilla bean pods with a 3/4th cup sugar for one pod. Mix all together for one or two weeks to make it ready to use and prepare vanilla powder. 

Customer Reviews

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Gail Goett
Vanilla Beans

Very pleased that my order was delivered as stated. Have yet to make my extract, excited to see how it turns out. The beans look great & are packed well.


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