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Indonesian Planifolia Ground Vanilla Bean Powder
First Grade




Buy Our All-Natural Vanilla Powder

Vanilla is one of the most expensive and well-known spices in the world. So, if you are wondering where to buy bulk vanilla beans, extracts, or grade-A vanilla bean powder look no further. Our finest quality Indonesian Gourmet Grade A Vanilla Bean Pods are organically farmed, sustainably sourced, and nurtured with time, love, and patience. So, order Indonesian Gourmet Grade A Vanilla Beans Powder online. 

Hand-plucked at the peak of freshness, our aromatic vanilla bean pods or vanilla powder are a favorite infused ingredient for pastry chefs and other professionals. The Planifolia vanilla beans from Indonesia are popular for producing the highest vanilla caviar. The full, floral, aniseed-like taste with woodruff flavor with velvety after-tones is found in both the bean and the seeds.

You can mix vanilla powder in cakes, drinks, perfumes, cosmetics, and aromatherapy. The unique and rich fragrance enhances the taste and aroma of food as it contains a volatile compound called vanillin.

Other than culinary purposes, buy the vanilla bean for commercial purposes as well. It includes vanilla bean ice cream, vanilla extract manufacturing, wholesale pastries, protein powders, teas, milk, and more!


Our Indonesian vanilla powder is made from hand-selected, cultivated, cured, and highest-quality vanilla beans. The extracted powder goes through a special treatment that ensures international standards. But did you know that not all vanilla beans powder is created equal? There are three different grades of vanilla bean powder available on the market today.

Let us break it down the difference between grades of vanilla powder, consider the following points:

  • First grade is made from well dried, Indonesian gourmet grade A vanilla beans, complete with beans and caviar, which are then ground into powder. The vanillin level is high in this grade, lending it the biggest boost of flavor and aroma you can possibly get.

  • Next is second grade vanilla powder. This is made from grade B vanilla beans, after going through the extraction process. It has a lower vanillin level than premium vanilla beans, so the aroma is less powerful.

  • Then comes third grade. This powder is made from grade C cut vanilla beans, which are drier and don't have much flavor left.

We have the perfect product for you. Our Indonedian Vanilla Bean Powder is made from only top notch, premium vanilla beans. You’ll never find any inferior beans or lower quality with questionable richness and little flavor here! This powder can be used in a variety of ways to enhance your recipes. Try it today!


Like a fine wine, the location where the vanilla grows also plays a vital role. Indonesian beans are full of aroma and flavor profiles. The unique method of curing and drying vanilla beans results in an equally large difference in flavors produced by the vanilla bean. After sweating, curing, and drying the beans are ground into powder form. 

  • First grade vanilla powder is made from Indonesian gourmet vanilla beans ground to an extra fine degree – 300 microns.

  • Pure, first grade vanilla powder contains no added sugar or any preservatives.

  • The rich flavor of Indonesian vanilla pairs especially well with chocolate to bring out the fullness of both chocolate and vanilla.

  • Our first-grade Indonesian Vanilla Powder is all-natural, gluten-free, Halal, kosher, non-GMO, vegan-friendly, and free from artificial flavors.

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  • Quality: First grade.

  • Ingredients: Ground Indonesian gourmet vanilla beans.

  • Shelf life: Approximately two years.

  • Handling & Storage: Keep tightly closed in cool dark places after opening.

When you use our vanilla bean powder in any recipe, the flavor is incredible and the aroma is superb. No matter the recipe, no matter how you cook or bake or stir or mix with our vanilla bean powder, you get the same awesome, fabulous results every time. Get yours today!

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