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Tahitian Vanilla Beans Gourmet Grade-A
For Extract And Baking
1/4 lb, 1/2 lb, 1 lb, 2 lb



TAHITIAN VANILLA BEANS GOURMET GRADE A - The quality for all the gourmet grade A Vanilla Beans are the same (except the measuring unit)! Buy this by pounds.

Orchid-Vanilla Pods is your one-stop destination to buy Tahitian Gourmet Grade A Vanilla Beans online. Our aromatic vanilla pods are organically farmed and sustainably sourced from farmers. Order Tahitian vanilla beans online and enjoy the delicacy you are looking for!

These vanilla bean pods are hand-selected and contain a much higher oil and water content than Bourbon beans. Tahitian Gourmet Grade A Vanilla Beans are plump and have a fruity, floral, and cherry-like flavor, making them ideal for a variety of applications. 

Tahitian vanilla has unique aromatic components just like a grade A Ugandan Gourmet vanilla beans and Madagascar Bourbon Grade A Gourmet Vanilla Beans. However, Tahitian vanilla actually has lower vanillin content than the Madagascar counterpart. The subtle flavor, powerful and heady with floral volatile notes makes them worth investing in. 

If you love to bake or cook savory dishes, add the beans to enhance the flavors of pastries, sauces, gelato, and other sweet dishes. You can also add our vanilla powder or extracts to your dishes or other products. 


Tahitian Vanilla is considered to be one of the most flavorful exotic vanilla beans in the world. Our Gourmet Tahitian Grade A Vanilla beans are award-winning and respected by top chefs worldwide. 

The floral complexity and the immeasurable depth make authentic Tahitian vanillas delicate and intoxicating to the palate and recipes. In this incredible bean, notes of peach, red wine, cherry, and other stone fruits shine perfectly. 

Compared to the Madagascar Bourbon species, the bean pods are plumper and have higher oil and seed content. The Tahitian vanilla bean pods come in between 5” – 7.5” long, have an oily moist glossy look, and are fully packed with seeds.

About Papua New Guinea

Vanilla pods are harvested in a hot, humid climate from sea level to an elevation of 1,500m approximately. And, the ideal climate must have moderate rainfall. This makes an ideal place for the proper growth of vanilla beans. There are 5 types of vanilla beans that originated from tahitensis family: Haapape, Rae Rae, Tahitensis or "Tahiti" or "Tahitian", Potati, and Purahurahu. 

If you want to buy Tahitian Gourmet vanilla beans online, you will find some of the best quality products at Spice Land Wholesale.

About Vanilla Beans

You might be surprised to learn that vanilla beans are actually the fruit of an orchid, especially Vanilla Planifolia - the best fruit-bearing orchid in the Orchidaceae family. However, being a unique species is not the only reason why vanilla is one of the most popular and costly species in the world. Tahitian vanilla production and harvesting is an extremely labor-intensive process that results in small crops. 

The Islands of Papua New Guinea are not native to the bees that used to pollinate the vanilla orchids. The vanilla flowers are so delicate that they are pollinated by hand. During the months of July and September, the plants start to bloom and the farmers rise early to hand pollinate each of them. The flowers which are pollinated grow the Tahitian vanilla bean.

  • Unlike other species of vanilla, Tahitian vanilla beans are picked when they are mature. For transforming the odorless fruit into a juicy Tahitian vanilla pod, they are washed thoroughly before the drying and curing stage.

  • Next comes the killing stage. Here the pods are scalded to stop growth which prevents the release of enzymes. The pods are allowed to cure slowly through alternating exposures by keeping in cool shades and warm Tahitian sun. 

  • During the drying process, the vanilla beans start to lose moisture that intensifies the flavor of any recipe. The aroma and vanilla taste of the pods starts to develop and mature during this time. 

  • Then the vanilla pods are massaged thoroughly by hand to distribute the oils and keep the bean supple. The beans are then graded depending on their size and category. The finished result of Tahitian vanilla beans is allergy-free, natural, grain-free, sugar-free, vegan, gluten-free, kosher, and non-GMO.


We deliver deliciously rich vanilla and more at the best rate. Our vast selection of exotic Tahitian Vanilla beans makes it easier for our customers to buy high-quality beans online.

Specification: Premium Quality Gourmet vanilla

  • Length (cm): Between 5-8 inches long

  • Vanillin content (%): 0.8-1%

  • Moisture content (%): 25-35%

  • Color: Dark brown to black

  • Quality available: Whole/Unsplit 

  • Classification: Premium/Gourmet Quality 

  • Scientific name: Vanilla Tahitensis

  • Packaging: Vacuumed Sealed bag 


If you are a pastry chef, restaurateur, baker, ice cream maker, run a cooking school, or just keep an interest in cooking with the highest quality vanilla pods, you have come to the right place!

  • Culinary creations: Once you have received our Tahitian Gourmet Grade A vanilla beans, they are ready for use. The vanilla powder, pods, and extracts can be used in various recipes Vanilla extract is used for ice cream, soft drinks, eggnogs, chocolate confectionery, candy, tobacco, baked goods, puddings, cakes, cookies, liqueurs, and more. On our recipe blog, you can easily find the ways to use the beans. You can store fresh vanilla beans for more than a year and use them anytime as those are readily available at your store.

  • Industrial purpose: Vanilla beans are processed into vanilla extract - a common ingredient in baked goods and other applications. Most vanilla extracts or essence used in the food industry are in dairy products, including beverages, baked goods, and confections. Besides, they are the main ingredient to enhance the flavors of any food item and work as a background note for many food products. You can use our specially designed Vanilla Extract Calculator to know how many vanilla beans are required to create a vanilla extract.


  • Storage: If you want to keep the beans soft and supple and give them a longer shelf life, the experts recommend submerging them in 70-90 proof alcohol. It prevents mold growth and breakage. The vanilla beans might react differently if stored outside the alcohol. However, if you don’t want to put them in liquid, they should be aired regularly. Remove the beans from the container every few weeks to circulate the air for approximately 10-15 minutes. For more information in this regard, read our blog - how to store vanilla beans blog

  • Re-use vanilla pods: If you want to make vanilla sugar, storing the empty vanilla pods might be helpful. Take two or three crushed vanilla bean pods and put them in a jar and mix it with 3/4th cup of sugar. Mix all together for one or two weeks to make it ready to use and prepare vanilla powder.

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