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Co-op Pricing Indonesian Planifolia Extract Grade-B Vanilla Beans (11 CAD Per Ounce)

Minimum Order quantity for this Co-op price is 2 ounces

$14.00 $9.00

The # of quantity you pick is the # of ounces you want to purchase! 

Minimum Order quantity for this Co-op pricing item is 2 ounces

The Indonesian vanilla beans are sweet and creamy with a unique blend of complex flavour profile that provides earthy/woody undertones. Rich and aromatic, Grade B Indonesian vanilla beans are slightly shorter than Grade A family, but don’t let that prevent you from buying them. These beans have a typical similarity to a cross between Madagascar bourbon vanilla beans and Mexican vanilla. They stand up well against more potent flavours like chocolate and caramel. So, if you are looking for deep and dark vanilla extract buy our Indonesian Grade B vanilla beans online. 

Vanilla has the most sophisticated taste and is considered the world's best-loved dessert condiment, second only to cocoa. Chefs around the world prefer these beans for their sweet, dark chocolate and smoky/woody flavour. Vanilla beans, paste, extract, and powder is used in many dessert recipes. The magic elixir has a complex savour that enriches itself to everything from spiced cocktails and smoothies to meat marinades and more. 

Without compromising on the quality and sustainability of the vanilla beans, we strive to meet our client's expectations. 


Indonesian vanilla is truly amazing. The beans harvested on the islands are of the Planifolia variety and exhibit the Planifolia traits - oily, pungent, aromatic, and sweet. The weather, soil properties, and curing practices all bestow a smoky flavour with unique earthy undertones. 

The Planifolia Indonesian Vanilla Beans originate from the Sulawesi, Nusa Tenggara, Maluku & Papua region. Indonesian vanilla beans are oily and have a strong vanilla scent. These dark brown beans are usually 5" to 7" inches long and enhance the taste of your dark and rich desserts. 

It gets difficult to cultivate in the rugged terrain of this area, but the soil and climate make Indonesia the second-largest producer of vanilla beans in the world. The unique soil conditions, the broad expanse of land, and the perfect climate across Indonesia result in a diverse vanilla offering. The nature and texture of vanilla beans vary in every region of Indonesia making them distinctive from each other. 

As soon as you open the pouch of Indonesian vanilla beans, the smell of pronounced earthy vanilla notes will meet your nose. The bourbon-like accent and aromatic dark chocolate tease are the perfect placement in your richest desserts. 

We offer excellent quality vanilla beans to everyone. Our aim is to offer high-quality vanilla beans with the power of sustainable living and give equal importance to organic farming. 

About Indonesia

Indonesian vanilla beans receive a perfect amount of sunlight during the growing, curing, and drying process. Compared to other Planifolia varieties, the beans are slightly less pliable. But the thick and highly-flavoured vanilla caviar consists of flavorful properties in extracts, ice creams, sweets, and other delectables.

Indonesia is the powerhouse of the best vanilla production, next to Madagascar. They are syrupy, complex, and have low acidity, and the extremely dense feature makes the beans ideal for any delicacy. The Indonesian vanilla beans are initially grown on farms in Bali and South Java and brought to West Java for processing. However, vanilla bean cultivation has spread to multiple regions of Indonesia. Read our know more page to learn about Vanilla Beans. 

About Vanilla

Over 110 varieties of vanilla orchids are there, and only one, ‘Vanilla Planifolia’ produces the fruit that is used for 99% of commercial vanilla. 

The orchid flowers are hand-pollinated to produce the fruit at a particular time when the flowers are ready to bloom during the flowering period. The farmers don’t allow the fruits to fully ripen as the split beans lose their commercial value. The hand-harvesting process makes the vanilla production and treatment process a long one. 

Each vanilla flower is hand-pollinated by skilled farmers. The beans are then harvested and cured to enrich the quality and flavour of the vanilla beans. After 8 to 9 months of pollination, the vanilla beans are ready to harvest. 

  • When the beans have ripened perfectly, the beans are hand-picked, one at a time. If the farmers pick them too early, they won’t have the proper flavour, and they might start splitting when it’s too late. The fresh hand-picked beans get sorted and graded depending on their length, appearance, and size. 

  • After grading, the beans are washed in clean water, then directly goes to the sun light. This is the beginning of the curation process. Next, the beans are stored in a wooden box for a process known as ‘sweating.’ 

  • After 48 hours of the first sweating process, the vanilla beans are laid on the racks in the hot afternoon sun and again go back to the wooden sweating box. For up to several weeks the sweating/sun drying process continues to bring out that shiny, dark brown, and aromatic smell of vanilla that we love. 

  • Then the vanilla beans are placed in the ventilated rooms on racks to continue the drying and aging process very slowly. And the whole procedure takes up to a month.  

  • Then again for another two months, the beans are bundled, tied, and stored in lined, wooden boxes. 

  • Finally, when the vanilla beans are ready for shipping to their final destination, they are stored in airtight containers. 

Vanilla beans need to be slowly aged and curated to perfection, just like fine wine. We are selling Indonesian extract grade vanilla bean in bulk at the best price.  


Long coveted for their tantalizing scent and delicious flavour, vanilla beans have remained one of the world’s precious spices for thousands of years. Buy our Indonesian extract grade B vanilla beans online and instantly fill the air with delicious enticing fragrance. 

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Specifications: Indonesian Grade B Vanilla Beans

Origin: Indonesia

Quality: Grade B (dry, can be brittle, extract grade)

Type: Vanilla Panifolia

Average size: Between 13-18 cm / 5-7 Inches 

Moisture content: 24-29%

Vanillin content: 0.8 – 1.5 %

Packaging: Vacuumed sealed bag

Do you have any questions about the quality or variety of our vanilla beans? Please call us or send us an email. We will reply back as early as possible. 


  • Culinary Purpose: You can use our creamy vanilla extract in rich desserts, chocolates, caramels, and other similar recipes. The same smokiness that goes so well with sweet dishes also twists the taste of savoury dishes like cream sauces, curries, barbecue sauces, etc.

  • Industrial Purpose: The vanilla used in the food industry is in dairy products, followed by baked goods, beverages, and confections. Commercially it is used as a flavour enhancer or background note to round out the taste profiles of many food items. 


  • Storage: Experts recommend submerging beans in 70-90 proof alcohol if you want to keep the beans soft and supple and prevent mold growth for a really long time. Storing beans in the refrigerator or freezer is not a good idea. Rather, you can vacuum seal the beans. Even though it is not a permanent storage method just like alcohol, it will easily extend the shelf life for up to a year. If stored outside of alcohol, vanilla beans can react differently in different environments and temperatures. For more information in this regard, read our blogs. how to store vanilla beans blog. If you want to know how much vanilla extract you will need to make a dish, using a vanilla extract calculator might be helpful. 

  • Re-use vanilla pods: Store the empty pods. They are helpful for you. You can make vanilla sugar with the help of the pods. The recipe is straightforward. Take a jar and place 2-3 crushes vanilla bean pods in it and use a proportion of 3/4th cup sugar for one pod. That's it! Place them together for one to two weeks, and they will be ready for use. You can make Vanilla Powder.

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