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Thanks for being part of the Orchid-Vanilla bean community! As now you are a member of the Orchid-Vanilla Bean Co-op community, here are the instructions for placing Co-Op pricing orders. 

It is beneficial for everyone as we will collect the orders and directly get them from farmers skipping any possible medium or intermediaries. The cost-effective solution will be helpful for farmers and our Co-op members.




Co-Op Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find answers to any questions you may have regarding the co-op! If you are a new member of this co-op group and want to know how group order works, how to order, etc. this FAQ document is the right place to start with.

Co-op FAQs

Place your Co-Op order right here:

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How to Place Your Order

Click “Place your Co-op orders” button on the open order page you want to purchase above. The quantity on the page is the number of ounces you want to purchase. Please note minimum order quantity for this Co-op pricing item is 2 ounces. Decide on how many ounces you want to buy and then click "Add to Cart" Then just go to the cart and click "checkout".








< Enter your shipping/billing information.














You can choose shipping or free pickup if you are nearby. >














< On the Payment screen. You will find multiple payment options such as Debit/Credit card, Paypal or E-mail transfer.


< We strongly request you to choose E-transfer payment option since it will help us to avoid 3.25% visa, Master card, Amex charges. Just select “Email Transfer” rest all the information you will see while checkout.









If you choose other payment options such as credit/debit card or Paypal, you are requested to add 3.25% to your total order amount and add it to “Credit/Debit cards & Paypal fee” while checkout. Just click on 3.25% button and it will be added to your total order amount. >






Lastly, Congratulations! You will receive an order confirmation email from us showing the details of your order!



Please see below for National & International Shipping Rates. 

NOTE: For National orders we ship via Canada Post Letter mail for all shipments less than 17 ounces, which does not have insurance & Tracking information, but is significantly more affordable than any other shipping option. Also, at the time of checkout depends on postal code you will get auto calculated expedited shipping options (Trackable). Choose the shopping option you prefer.
Order Amount Canada USA Rest of the world
0 - 3 ounces 3.59 CAD or Auto Calculated Auto Calculated Auto Calculated
4 - 7 ounces 4.79 CAD or Auto Calculated Auto Calculated Auto Calculated
8 - 10 ounces 5.59 CAD or Auto Calculated Auto Calculated Auto Calculated
11 - 14 ounces 6.49 CAD or Auto Calculated Auto Calculated Auto Calculated
15 + ounces Auto Calculated Auto Calculated Auto Calculated

Depending on the location, National Orders shipping can take up to 3 weeks. Usually, it is sooner. But it also might take a bit longer. For international orders, shipping can take up to 3-4 weeks. Also, delays might happen if any duties are due on the buyer’s part. In that case, the buyer will be responsible for any such inconveniences.


Few notes about orders:

  • NO COUPON CODES CAN BE USED for co-op orders!

  • Kindly note that the free shipping offer on our website's promo bar is not applicable to co-op orders.

  • To save on packaging, we will combine multiple-ounce orders into larger packages. (Example if you order 3 ounces, we will ship all 3 ounces in one vacuum sealed bag)

  • We schedule all co-op orders to begin to ship the day after the co-op sale closes. If we can get them out early, you will receive an email notification that will show your shipment and tracking details.

  • If you have any problems or queries related to pre or post-ordering, contact us by sending an email to We remain committed to our customers. 

  • If you haven't gotten your order after 7 business days, check your tracking number, and then, if required, contact us. If it says your package is delayed, please get in touch with your post office to get some clarification. It is because we don't have any additional info other than what the website shows. If you haven't received your package even after 30 days, please contact us and we will find the best solution for you.

  • If your ordered item is showing as delivered on the tracking page but you haven’t received it yet, please contact your local post office. Since we do not physically deliver these packages, in such cases, your post office can help you find a solution. We will definitely guide you as much as we can. Still, it is their duty to deliver the packages and therefore, they will be answerable for any such inconveniences.

  • Vanilla beans are a perishable item. That is why if you find the delivered product missing or with broken seals, mold, etc, you must contact us within 72 hours of any issues found. We cannot find you any solution to this after 4 weeks if you failed to notice the issue at the time of receipt.

Have Questions Or Concern?

If you have any queries regarding our process or if you have any better ideas to improve this process, please share them with us so we can serve you better next time!

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