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How To Make Homemade Vanilla Extract

By: :Orchid Vanilla Pods 0 comments
How To Make Homemade Vanilla Extract

Every weekend you can try a new recipe and indulge in the flavor of Vanilla. Well, if you are a true Vanilla Enthusiast, we have something really special for you. The finest range of Vanilla beans offered by Orchid Vanilla Pods is best suited for making homemade Vanilla Extract. We are offering the highest quality at wholesale price. The fresh Vanilla beans can be easily used to create the aromatic Extract with a very simple recipe.

Before we dive into the recipe, you need to understand what is Vanilla orchid, Vanilla bean and Vanilla extract. Not everyone knows the difference. We have summarised a short description for your convenience.

Vanilla orchids are the plants that bear the Vanilla flowers after pollination, ultimately gives us Vanilla beans. We do not consume the fruit but the beans as a spice.

Vanilla beans are oily and moist beans used for adding extra flavoring in the recipes.

Vanilla Extract is a formula-based liquid that has a high concentration and flavor Vanilla.

Can you make Vanilla Extract easily at home?

With all the available ingredients, it is an easy job. You just need to ensure you have everything in hand when you are making the recipe. It will be a quick one-time task; you are not required to do anything after that. Apart from keeping it tucked in a dark place.

What are the ingredients required to make Vanilla Extract?

• One glass bottle. (Irrespective of size and shape, you can reuse any glass bottle available at home. Ensure you clean it well before using it)
• Vanilla Beans according to your needs. For instance, if you are making a “single fold” vanilla extract, it requires 2.64 ounces of vanilla beans per 750 mL alcohol though it takes only fewer beans to prepare a nice extract. For double-fold vanilla, you need to use twice the beans to the alcohol ratio to get the rich and deeply flavored extract. (Spice Land Wholesale has the best organically grown Vanilla beans, and you can choose between Grade A and Grade B).
• A bottle of 80-Proof (should have exactly 35% Alcohol), but never use less than 70-proof.

You can directly check the quantity of each ingredient used to create the Vanilla extract using our Vanilla Extract Calculator for further assistance.

Take them all, and let's get started!

We will use the standard ratio of 6 beans per 8 ounces of Vodka. Suppose you want to have a double-fold Extract (which has high intense Vanilla Flavor). Add 2-3 more beans, and you are done.

Making Vanilla extract with rum or scotch is a glorious substitute in case you're after a greater Smokey or confectionary flavor, explicitly. But we've played around on your behalf and ascertained that Vodka is king in affiliation for making vanilla extract. The only Vodka has a new, complementary smack that boosts the Vanilla taste to blaze through. You don't want the steeple shelf vodka either; even the most marked down miniature will do. Don't crouch if you don't just like the essence of Vodka due to the reality that the alcohol will burn off while cooking/brewing/baking.

Recipe in Steps:

Step1: Grab the chosen Glass bottle and start cleaning the bottle.

For this, you should wash your glass bottle carefully with Mild foamy water, rinse and then cautiously swoosh it with boiling water to fumigate. This is the correct way to ensure that the glass bottle is not having anything or any flavor in it. It is fresh to use.

Step-2: Prepare your Vanilla beans

If you want to make the process of vanilla extract faster, split or cut the vanilla beans. You can use a knife or a pair of scissors here to make the step tidy and effortless. Submerge the entire beans in alcohol to preserve the caviar. And after scraping the caviar out, you can place the empty vanilla pods again into the extract to continue the process. So, cut the pods in smaller sizes to make them fit in the bottle while adding those cut beans in the bottle as well during the extract-making process.

Step-3: Add in the Vodka 

Drench the Vodka over, ensuring the beans are effectively covered. Please, place it in an excellent, darkish location and shudder the bottle as regularly as possible, to speed up the process.

Step 4: - As stated, endurance is the key, so wait for a minimum of 8 weeks.

Till then, keep it safely tucked in a dark place. Ensure it is placed there undisturbed.

Please take this step-in mind that your vanilla extract cannot be equipped immediately for use. The vanilla beans hanker time to soak and eject their flavor into the alcohol. Like an exquisite wine, the Extract will embellish and ripen with time, and colouration will deviate to a golden brown.

As they say, the best things come to those who have the patience to wait, experience, and enjoy the process. You need to wait at least four months and up to eighteen months if you follow the basic method. And the hot method will take 12 weeks to six months or longer.

We promise you will not only gain a long-lasting taste on your tongue but also your love for baking will only rise higher with outstanding results. After eight weeks, the vast majority of the extraction procedure is complete. Vanilla beans infuse the vodka within this time. And you are advised to remove the beans. If the vanilla beans are left withinside the bottle, the taste will keep confirming much like an exceptional wine (make definite that the beans are steadily subsided in alcohol) 

Many of us have gone through phases where we have felt our vanilla extract is getting splits and other imperfections that ultimately turn us off. Still, next time onwards, you can be in high spirits and excitement because the recipe we have shared with you will render you the best texture, aroma, and zest to get you the best compliments ever.

NOTE- Just store it till the time you want it to last at room temperature and away from direct sunlight. Your homemade Vanilla Extract is here to stay for long. Do not forget to share pictures of your Homemade Vanilla Extract with us on our Facebook Co-op Group.!

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