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The Best Way to Store Vanilla Beans According to Experts

By: :Orchid Vanilla Pods 0 comments
The Best Way to Store Vanilla Beans According to Experts


Mark an impression on your guests by hosting them delicious treats using Vanilla as a prime ingredient.

Many of us are great at treating unexpected friends and colleagues over our place when we have premium, gourmet products to serve them. But, how many of us know how to store them safely? Especially when we talk about high-quality gourmet products like Vanilla Beans? It is nerve-racking for the ones who are unfamiliar with the methods of saving them from getting deteriorated. But, not to fear, when Orchid Vanilla Pods is here with our guidance, we'll help you safeguard your precious Vanilla beans. 

This blog will certainly give you a sneak-peak on how to store your most expensive spice; Vanilla Beans. Before that, let us know why is it essential to store them properly? Vanilla beans can lose their quality if they are exposed to too much cold or heat. They are demanding in nature.  

If you wish to derive that delicate fragrance and savor from your High quality Vanilla beans bought from Orchid Vanilla Pods, then you should keep certain points while preparing to store them. (Shh! These are expert advice; we have arranged for our precious customers!)  

Certain things are to be discussed which can help you make the most of your Vanilla Bean purchase. All have been summarized below:

Shelf Life 

Do you want to increase the shelf life of your Vanilla beans?

Surely, everyone wants to do that. We are concern about you and want you to make the most out of the purchases you have made from Orchid Vanilla Pods.

Unlike vanilla extract, beans don't last forever. Their shelf life differs greatly. If buying from a local seller, then the moist, the texture everything will be fine and will help in retaining its freshness for longer duration almost for three years. It can be an alarm for you to decide whom to buy your Vanilla beans. Well, Orchid Vanilla Pods are the best sellers suited for your hard-earned money. 


We are not going to get into the method to unpack. Rather would suggest you be careful while unpacking. We give you the perfectly packed Vanilla Beans.

Who does not anxiously wait for the parcels to reach your doors? All of us do, desperately! Your premium Vanilla beans, if packed properly, will not lose their aroma and flavor. 

So, it is beneficial to make your order from Orchid Vanilla Pods to grasp the perfect scent of Premium quality, extremely rich and aromatic Vanilla beans for a longer period as our packaging is just as special as the Vanilla itself. Our products come to you in our industry-leading, earth-friendly packaging solution, which is one fundamental factor of safeguarding Vanilla Beans from losing its essential qualities. 


Air and moisture are the two important and foremost things you should avoid while storing your premium vanilla beans. 

To prolong the freshness, we recommend you follow the steps suggested by experts. Here is a simple to-do list to keep your purchase intact: 


Once your Vanilla beans arrive at your place, make sure you check if they are in proper condition. If you have any queries, send us an email ( and we will resolve your concerns as soon as possible.


It is essential to store your vanilla beans submerged in 70-90 proof alcohol if you want to keep the beans soft and supple and prevent mold growth for a really long time. Storing beans in the refrigerator or freezer is not a good idea.

Rather, you can vacuum seal the beans. Even though it is not a permanent storage method just like alcohol, it will easily extend the shelf life for up to a year. If stored outside of alcohol, vanilla beans can react differently in different environments and temperatures


If you want your Vanilla beans to bring out incredible taste to your recipes, then Store your Vanilla in a cool, dark place like a pantry, or cupboard so that it does not lose its moistures.


While storing your Vanilla beans, remember the place should not too hot and not too cold. Beans remain best when the temperature ranges from 60 degrees F (15.5 C) to 85 degrees F (29 C). Exposure to extreme heat or cold will dry out the pods, gulping all the freshness and goodness out of the seeds. 

A strict no-no to storing your vanilla beans in the freezer or refrigerator! The cold will take away all the moisture and creaminess and dry them out and rot, even producing Mold.  

What to do with dry vanilla beans?

Even beans that look like they have dried out completely will rehydrate when soaked in a warm liquid. You can use hot milk or warm water, soak in the Vanilla beans for a few hours before you cook/bake delicious delight. But don't expect miracles from rehydrating. 

You can also use dry beans to make good quality extract as the alcohol will rehydrate them, and this trick will certainly help. 

Super dry beans are not a complete loss either; they can be grounded well in a coffee grinder; make sure you remove the hard tips at each end. 

Frosty vanillin crystals 

Our Vanilla may generate small vanillin crystals if kept in the cold environments. They can sometimes be confused with Mold, but we guarantee that the crystals reflect the highest standard of quality. Those crystals are the exception of pure flavor and are edible. Do not worry; taste those crystals, and you will get to know what we are highlighting here.

Dry or moldy vanilla beans 

If the beans do not shine in the light, smell rotten, and have a whole powdery substance — then, unfortunately, it's Mold. But don't lose your calm. You can still save your beans, especially if the Mold hasn't reached all the beans. 

Segregate the crystal and non-crystals ones. Wipe the moldy ones with a paper towel or clean cloth, then mop them down with a cloth that is soaked with high-proof alcohol. Allow them to dry completely and then store them separately from the unaffected beans. If the beans regain the same status, you should throw them out. And buy a new fresh batch from us!

What to do with empty pods?

The flavor of Vanilla is not just restricted to its seeds. After vanilla beans have been scraped and all of the seeds have been used, you can deluge the empty pod into your sugar container. It will saturate the sugar with a delicate vanilla flavor. 

Note: Every step of ours will guide you in safeguarding your most prestigious ingredient to woo your friends and family with your recipes. Use our Premium Vanilla Beans in your delectable secret recipes and share the pictures on our Facebook Co-op Group! Your delight is our utmost priority! 

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