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How To Make Non-Alcoholic Vanilla Extract At Home

By: :Orchid Vanilla Pods 0 comments
How To Make Non-Alcoholic Vanilla Extract At Home


Making Vanilla Extract at home can be an exciting activity. The smell of aromatic Vanilla will be all over the house, which is a good thing. The combination is the key to make any extract or any recipe. Usually, Vanilla extract comprises Alcohol (Vodka/Rum/ Jinn), but here, you will discover a new way to make a similar Vanilla Extract without a drop of alcohol. Isn't cool? A big yes!

Majorly when you search for a commercial Vanilla Extract- alcohol-free, it will be a costly deal. It is an expensive product that is loved by families having kids. Parents usually do not compromise on things when it comes to keeping their little ones demanding and ensuring healthy food choices. So, it is indeed a hip-hip hurray moment for those wanting to try this out without using alcohol in it.

Another component that clicks into our mind while planning to make something special is -how much the ingredients would cost us? Will they be within our budget? Fortunately, Orchid Vanilla Beans reveals a recipe that is apparent to make at home and economical. With the range of Orchid Vanilla Pods products, one can give immense joy to their near and dear ones with some luscious vanilla gourmet food.

Now the question that arises in mind is why skipping alcohol when largely this Vanilla extract is composed out of alcohol?

Usually, chefs use alcohol to add in the extra flavors of herbs and spices. Still, it is not always permissible for everyone, especially the children and adults too who have been or are refraining from alcohol consumption in any alternative way. Thus, this recipe can be painless for those who adapt to this newer version of the flavourful Vanilla extract.

As we know, the Vanilla extract largely depends upon Vanilla beans. Vanilla beans are a precious spice, and it is always recommended to be purchased from a renowned brand that sells the best at fair prices. And Orchid Vanilla Pods stands out when it comes to quality and quantity. 

Vanilla Beans can be reused for a few clusters of extracts. And for this getting the top quality, Vanilla beans are of utmost importance to benefit wonderfully.


  • Orchid-Vanilla Beans

  • Food-grade vegetable glycerin (substitute for alcohol)

  • Fresh Water

  • A glass bottle (irrespective of size or shape)


Follow these below-listed steps to allure your taste buds:

Step 1: Split the vanilla beans so they can fit inside the glass bottle you are using. Cut the beans lengthwise, just adequate so that you prick through one side (you want to streak the little vanilla seeds but keep them hooked to the bean).

Step 2: Grab the Food-grade vegetable glycerine and mix it with water. For every three cups of glycerine, use one cup of water.  Now, add your Vanilla beans in to the glass bottle and pour the water and glycerine mixture till the beans are completely soaked within it. 

Step 3: Place the bottle in a cool place and flutter once a day for four weeks. For the remaining five weeks, you can shudder it less often, like 2-3x a week. The non-alcoholic vanilla extract can be used after these nine weeks (although the longer, the better)! Remember to wave it once before using it.

Wondering Where to Use Your Alcohol-free Vanilla Extract?

Make sure that you use this alcohol-free vanilla extract to enhance the flavor of your dishes. Here is our suggestion for using your premium quality vanilla extract to create a rich aromatic taste.

  1. It can be used while making Grain-Free Chocolate Truffle Cake

  2. When you plan to make mouth-watering Honey Vanilla Marshmallows (Corn Syrup & Egg-Free)

  3. While making a delicious Coconut Flour Vanilla Layer Cake.

  4. For flavoring your Ice-creams.

  5. Can be used in the frosting. Etc.

Did you know you can reuse Vanilla beans for more extracts?

The second batch is even more, simpler to extract:

When you are getting over with the bottle of extract, add in more glycerine. The Vanilla Beans can be reused 1.5 to 2 times than they want to be replaced if preserved carefully.

Well, how can it enjoy the long shelf life?

Your extract needs to preserve for up to 4 years, which does not mean it needs to be refrigerated or frozen. The glycerine acts as a preservative in this recipe, which is why the extract has such a long shelf life.

Be considerate to non-glycerine recipes:

It's high-quality to avoid any vanilla extract recipes that only use water and vanilla beans. They are paving the way for bacteria. It can be an excellent way of simplifying your work but watch out to get closer to health risks.

The non-alcoholic extract may not be as dark as the alcohol-based vanilla extract and will have a similar consistency to syrup but will still have the same flavour and texture as vanilla extract.

Although it is often termed as "sugar alcohol," glycerine doesn't contain sugar or alcohol. As long as you use vegetable glycerine, the extract is ideal for vegetarian and vegan diets without losing its quality and flavour.

Note: Orchid Vanilla Pods appreciates every little to big achievement that you reap with the process of easy cooking/ baking. To capture your special occasions with the savories made of Non-alcoholic Vanilla Extract and post on our Facebook group to enlighten this journey of ours.

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